August 6, 2020

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Board Report
June meeting held Tuesday June 16,2020 at the Brainerd Lakes Chamber Office with 7 members in attendance and 4 absent.

The annual meeting minutes were approved.

Nick Haglin was working with flag ativities and resuming in person club meetings on June 17.

The resignations of Robert Carter, Chuck Bartles, Gary Kratzke, James Owen JarrodBrademan, Anita Hollenhorst and Rusty Lamar were accepted with regret.

A programs committee chair is still needed

The June 2020 Financial report was accepted.

Winter Wonderland new sponsorship accounts and and a flag committee was established with current captains to serve as members.

The 2020 Sale of Pipe and Drape was discussed and finalized.

The Spring Ditch Pick was canceled.

Finalizing the transfer to the new storage unit was reported by Nick Haglin and Gary Walters.

Board Reports
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RABOIN sweeps Walters garage party/fundraiser:
• Please RSVP so we have enough food.
• is walters emailArrive anytime after 4pm Sweeping to start at 5pm
Food to start after 5pm
Beverages the entire time, the PUB on RED SAND will be OPEN at 4pm.
Closing is whenever, or when Walters decides to go to bed, which is usually 10pm.
My driveway will have signage (WALTERS)
Guests should bring a “camp” chair.
We will have umbrella’s for shade.
Beverages: Soda, water and Adult will be provided.
Food: Pulled pork, potato salad and coleslaw
Free will donation to a charity that will be picked by those in attendance.
100% of all donations will go that charity. Sertoma has the food and extra drinks from past Sertoma events, and Walters has the Pub. Pub has over 300 bottles of Distilled adult beverages available.
Car pool if you might drink too much.


Beth thanked everyone who came to the induction. RelaY for Life will be a DRIVE THROUGH SATURdAY AUGUST 29TH. LUMINARIES WILL BE POSTED. MIDWAY AREA OF THE FAIR GROUNDS. FOOD TO GO!! More details to follow. See Events!!
Winter Wonderland is scheduled to begin working October. Please reach out to anyone who can support the cause. They are hoping to raise $32,000. Jim Grant urged us to help out Dwan. Contact her for a list of people already signed up and then mention it to businesses who might be willing to help us with this year’s best social distancing event.
The Greeter sign and list is on hold until the member list is updated after the next board meeting. If you are attending the meeting and could greet—please shoot an email to Pam or just step forward when you get to the meeting

Upcoming Events
Brainerd Area
Sertoma Club Calendar
Got a big event coming up—want to let everyone know?Please send to Pam Sachs and it will be posted.
Pipe and Drape Schedule
Pipe and Drape Schedule
Ted Anderson 218-831-1372 or
Scott Fisher 218-821-5557
Dwan Eckstrom 218-639-0154
New  P &D Schedule
Blue Ticket Winner
Tim Frederickson
Pot-O-Gold Winner
Would have been Kevin Stumpf
Members – 19 +(4 Zoomers)
Guests – 0
* Everyone is encouraged to bring potential members to a Sertoma meeting with the Club picking up the cost. However, you will be billed $11.00 for any other guests.

Sertoma Frequently Asked Questions PDF

Greeter Schedule
As greeter you have several duties. You need to arrive about 10 minutes early. It is your job to greet people, help them find their badges and sell them a ticket if they wish to participate. The money collected must be divided by the Greeters equally–half goes to the Current Club Treasurer for the social committee and half goes to the Club President along with the bucket of tickets. Greeter duties now include handing out the volunteer cards to everyone as they come in the door. They will still be collected in the bucket with the badges or can be submitted to the treasurer. Be there by 11:45 and call somebody to substitute for you if you can’t be there.

July 22nd Amber Babineau, Carolyn Bare, DeAnn Barry
Sertoman of the Day
Of Note

Genuine congratulations to Sandra, Bob Ehrich’s daughter on her recent WEDDING—sharing a few photos.

The Burnard family continues to support the search for a cure and the support of families fighting cancer with fund raising events. Here is this year’s Covid conscious event.

Took the liberty of sharing wedding pictures from our former member Sandra Ehrich who is the daughter of a charter member Bob Ehrich. Congratulations to all!!

This is the link to the official Facebook page for the club. It will now be an interactive way for members to share pictures and comment on club activities. As with Walters Wacky Adventures Page–you can visit it without being a member of Facebook. Creating a Facebook account is easy and free. You can limit access to your page and just communicate with those people who are really your friends. Signing up is simple and by creating your “own” page you give yourself interactive abilities on the Brainerd Area Sertoma site. You can completely ignore your personal page if you wish. However, the profile and information pages may become THE way for us to update your data base information in the future. I am also totally available for phone consultations for people who want me to walk them through the Facebook site
Ditch Pick Photo AlbumRookie Party Photo Album
Business Notes
Electronics recycling drive to benefit area youth education
An electronics recycling drive is planned from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, August 8th to benefit continuing education for area youth through the Deerwood Technologies Scholarship Fund.


Rumor Corner
  • From Jeff F (Karen M’s brother) he has been busy installing a buttday at her house (real spelling bidet) because she is due for back surgery this week.
  • Congrats to Bob Ehrich who is sharing a birthday tomorrow with his 13 year old grandson. Big debate about what is old and what is not old between Ken, Jeff O and others.
  • Covid travel news—both Steve M and Chuck Br have stories and suggestions to share from their recent trips—if you want the real skinny talk to Beth Burnard.
  • Gary Walters had his virgin trip as a Sertoma Sergeant. He reminded us he had the “best ever funniest “ sergeant of all times—Dave Claausen.
  • Jeff F got harassed for showing up finally after 5 years and making it almost a weekly even. We love you Jeff, great to see you again.
  • Pam Finch chimed in from the peanut gallery section (Zoom) to remind everyone to fill out their ROOKIE PARTY SURVEYS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jamie R got his usual fine for being late—and accusing a fellow banker who was even later of being somewhat dishonest.
  • Tim Frederickson who joined right before the Covid closing was back today. We all were very glad to have him even though he won the pot of gold (donated it back to the club).
  • Gary L got in Diane RJ and Pam S’ bad graces by not bringing in the bottle of vodka he strolled out to buy when he was very early. Diane was gonna go out and see if he locked his truck.
  • Nick H volunteered to be the booze hound-checking the storage unit for leftovers to bring to the party at Gary’s house—looking forward to seeing a lot of people there. Gary is going to have a section for people who are very Covid conscious and wish to be masked and careful and another section for those who are not quite as concerned.
  • Will be featuring a new (revived) photo of some of the people who are AWOL from Sertoma since we reconvened. If you don’t want to be labeled Absent Without Leave, COME BACK!! From now on with her back surgery our AWOL person is excused. Also extensive apologies to the upside down attorney—he is working closely with his older father on his recovery from ankle fusion and is NOT taking any more chances to be exposed than he has to .

International News


Notes from your President Ken O Toole
Our president is sharing wisdom each week to encourage our members to be positive ambassadors for our great club.

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