June 16, 2021

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Click here for the complete nomination of Beth Burnard as our 2021 Sertoman of the Year.

Elections Results:

Chairman – Ken Toole
President – JD Berns
VP – Joe Enle
Secretary – Eric Larson
At large board members –

  • Candice Zimmerman
  • Tim Frederickson
  • SuzieAlters
  • MikeDemuth
  • Beth Burnard
  • Nikki Lyter

Monetary Award Recipients:

  • Women’s Center
  • Northland Arboretum
  • Camp Confidence
  • Camp Sertoma
  • Outreach
  • BBSF (Bonnie Cumberland Sertoma Fund)
  • Boy Scouts
  • Kinship
  • Let’s Go Fishing
  • Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity
  • A total of $40,000 was given away

Board Report
March Board Report

The March Board Meeting was held at the Front Street Cafe Becky Johannes and Craig Dunmire were approved as members and Matt Dickinson resigned. The nonprofit partners checks were approved to be sent out and that was done April 21st. Gary Walters, Ken Toole and JD Berns reported on Flags. Pipe, Billing, generating new accounts, and the April 8th flag captains meeting were discussed. Final payment for pipe and drape sale is scheduled for 2023, Three upcoming socials were discussed: WW wrap-up party, Rookie Party in September and Ditch Pick The Board approved a dry erase check suggested by Mike DeMuth for sponsorship opportunities The annual meeting coming up needs to find new officers and board members.

July 21, 2020 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board Reports
September 2019
October 2019
November 2019

June 19th Hoppy Horse rodeo for the Beth’s cancer team. See flyer 4th annual with 4 races. Watching is just as much fun as participating. 5-7 8-11 12-15 and anyone left. Food available for purchase. Nisswa Community Center is this year’s location.

Northland Arboretum is looking for help with their 4th of July Float but they want to include Sertoma and Winter Wonderland so please sign up with Candace Zimmerman.

Sign up for Haunted Trail now and more information will come out later and by email. The Arb’s biggest fundraiser and a chance to be an adult and dress up for Halloween. And yes Reed Campbell you need to do it again because you were darn cute.

The Annual Golf Tournament is going to move to Cragun’s Executive Course which will also be an invitational event to our former Dog Pound members to thank them for their service. It will also be combined with officer induction. Date and details coming up:Golf at Cragun’s $10 per person Club will provide pizza , 2 drink tickets 36 is maximum participants, others welcome afterwards. The door prize is up for grabs. July 14th at 3 p.m. Remember you don’t have to be a golfer to participate–lots of fun for the ride along crew!! Please plan on attending the party afterwards if you don’t want to be part of the golfing itself and enjoy the refreshments. .and the officer induction around 5 p.m.

The Dog Pound movie with pictures by Pam and creative designing by Nick Weeks should be a lot of fun. If you are just coming for the officer induction you can bring a guest. Just be sure to sign them up soon since John needs a food head count for Cragun’s Charge for guests is $13. The Jaycees will be there and hopefully they will be paired with Sertomans who will convince them to join when they no longer can be Jaycees. There is a regular Sertoma meeting that day.

Wednesday June 23rd Scotch tasting fundraiser at the Boys Scout Castle, designated drivers welcome funds raised for the outreach Program. More details will follow. No kilts provided.

July 29th Winter Wonderland Wrap Up Party being planned–details will follow.

New Member Orientation Monday June 21st at 5:30 at Dunmire’s. Contact Beth Burnard if you need to register

Upcoming Events
Brainerd Area
Sertoma Club Calendar
Got a big event coming up—want to let everyone know?Please send to Pam Sachs and it will be posted.
Blue Ticket Winner
John Raboin
Pot-O-Gold Winner
Jeff Olson
Members – 23
Guests – 15 
Guests: Corey Wrobel, Beth’s list: husband, Jeff, Sister-in law Cheri, Brother-in-law John; Sisters Kim, Jamie, Lori; Cousins Joanne from Aitkin and Linda; Aunts Pam from Bemidji, Shirley; Dad George; Women of Today Becky and husband Daryl, Kim, Darlene
* Everyone is encouraged to bring potential members to a Sertoma meeting with the Club picking up the cost. However, you will be billed $11.00 for any other guests.

Sertoma Frequently Asked Questions PDF

Greeter Schedule
As greeter you have several duties. You need to arrive about 10 minutes early. It is your job to greet people, help them find their badges and sell them a ticket if they wish to participate. The money collected must be divided by the Greeters equally–half goes to the Current Club Treasurer for the social committee and half goes to the Club President along with the bucket of tickets. Greeter duties now include handing out the volunteer cards to everyone as they come in the door. They will still be collected in the bucket with the badges or can be submitted to the treasurer. Be there by 11:45 and call somebody to substitute for you if you can’t be there.
2 Bob Ehrich Pam Finch
9 Les Franz Veronica Franzen
16 Tim Frederickson Jim Grant
23 Kevin Goedker Nick Haglin
30 Russ Hale Jonathan Howard 

7th Brian Lehman Brad Kohorst
14 Mike Larson Gary Loge
21 Jim Mayne Nikki Lyter
28 Jed Moore Mary Marana

4 Karen Pederson Steve Mau

11 Karen Munsterteiger Ron Morris
18 Jamie Rowlette Karla Nelson
25 Nick Weeks Bob Nibbe

1 Tim Volkmuth Jeff Olson
8 Keith Wieser John Raboin
15 Shannon Wussow Diane R Johnson
22 Becky Johannes Lori Rubin
29 Kevin Stumpf Klem Schee

6 Jackie McCall Candice Zimmerman

Sertoman of the Day
Of Note
Publishing a list of the Sertomans of the Year. Thanks to Rick Besmehn for helping me get this together. We continue to honor all of these great Service to Mankind role models.

1983 Bob Ehrich
1984 Don Willette
1985 Chuck Bartels
1986 Jon Happajoki
1987 Dennis Lutterman
1988 Les Franz
1989 Gary Loge
1990 Bill O’Hara
1991 Dave Burggraff

1992 Karen Owen
1993 Mark Puchinski
1994 Tom Swanson
1995 Tom Rosenburger
1996 Rick Besmehn
1997 Reed Campbell
1998 Brian Skogen
1999 Randy Phillips
2000 Milo Johnson
2001 Mike Boen
2002 Gary Walters
2003 Tami Webb
2004 Scott Fisher
2005 Rory Coit
2006 Steve Augustinack
2007 Steve Mau
2008 Lori Rubin
2009 Cathy Picek
2010 Tad Hoskins
2011 Karen Munsterteiger
2012 Lowell Carlson
2013 Art Becker
2014 Mark Korte

2015 Jim Grant
2016 Dale Bolt
2017 Gregg Straka
2018 Ted Anerson
2019 Jaime Rowlette

2020 Dwan Beardmore
2021 Beth Burnard

This is a link to the advertisement Karen Munsterteiger did for the Little Falls medallion hunt. It also contains some pictures of her famous career as a basketball player.

Click on the photo or link to watch Karen give the first clue! For the 1st clue: 

This is the link to the official Facebook page for the club. It will now be an interactive way for members to share pictures and comment on club activities. As with Walters Wacky Adventures Page–you can visit it without being a member of Facebook. Creating a Facebook account is easy and free. You can limit access to your page and just communicate with those people who are really your friends. Signing up is simple and by creating your “own” page you give yourself interactive abilities on the Brainerd Area Sertoma site. You can completely ignore your personal page if you wish. However, the profile and information pages may become THE way for us to update your data base information in the future. I am also totally available for phone consultations for people who want me to walk them through the Facebook site
Ditch Pick Photo AlbumRookie Party Photo Album
Business Notes
John Raboin was very positive about the new flags brought in by the Guilt Trip Movement. We are one of four communities in the whole state still carrying out the tradition of flying the flags. The more we sell, the more impressive our city will be to those who come here as tourists and visitors. Great job flag committee, keep up the good work!!
Rumor Corner
What a great day at Sertoma–With all of the guests attending to witness Beth’s presentation it was just like the good old days!! Our sergeants went out of their way to be mean and entertaining!! Chef Mike with last minute notice got together enough food to feed a crowd and somehow some one produced the traditional cake at the last minute. Beth has been such a hardworking member of Sertoma for many years and she was truly surprised when her name was called–fun days at Sertoma are returning and we are all enjoying it.
Beth got fined $2 for being Sertoman a Year only Gary could do that.
Lori got fined for Seattle and she was happy because She had a great trip.
Gry fined all the outgoing officers and those coming in.
John R fined Sertomans of the Year by asking them to talk about one thing they were really proud of in their service to mankind. Rick Besmehn was proud of his work ethic and John told him was the heart of Pipe and Drape . Lori got fined for starting the Winter Wonderland. Gary got fined for being president of the largest Sertoma Club in the World. Beth was proud of helping start the flag project.
Happy fines–Pam F was happy because of someone telling her that we were one of three communities in MN still doing flags as they were working on their set up on Flag Day. She is happy for her guest, Corey Wrobel who is thinking of joining.. Beth is happy to be Sertoman of the Year and grateful for all her company including her husband . Loni, her sister was so happy about Beth’s award she just wanted to contribute to the organization some big bucks . Shannon left happy because she just received notice of a $100,000 grant just announced for the Women’s Shelter for retraining for staff and clients which is shared by two other organizations. She also left with her $5,000 check from the Sertoma distribution. It wasn’t as much when Mike remarked we couldn’t match her announced grant, but she remarked that” joining Sertoma was the best decision she made as executive director.”
This Weeks Humor
Karla has been missing from Sertoma quite a bit lately. So ……..just in case you needed a dose of lame jokes, here they are. She used to get them from tv but these were borrowed from the Reader’s Digest:
Knock knock. Who’s there? Interrupting cow, interrupt MOO
If you’re an American when you go in the bATHROOM AND aMERICAN WHEN YOU COME OUT, what are you in the bathroom? European
What did the fish say when he swam into the wall? Dam
What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh
What do you call a can opener that doesn’t work? A can’t opener
There are three types of people in the world: Those who can count and those who can’t.
Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? He pasta-way
I sold my vacuum the other day. All it was doing was collecting dust.
What is Forrest Gump’s email password? 1forrest1
Did you hear about Karla inventing enough knock knock jokes to get some attention?She won the “no’bell” prize
What’s red and bad for your teeth? A brick
News From Old Friends
Today we are saluting a long time member of Sertoma Milo Johnson. Milo was a very active member and at one time worked as gaming manager for Confidence Learning Center after he retired from Auto Value Auto Parts. He lives in deer shack in Gonvick. He is doing very well healthwise and looks great according to a good source. Milo will be 82 on January 29th of next year. A family get together is planned in Gully over the fourth July. Lori, his daughter and her husband Greg Gattis are coming from Texas which will be special for him. Shannon, his other daughter and Michael Dallaire live in Brainerd and will attend the celebration of the Fourth with other family and friends of Milo. He’s happy to be back home in the Gully area, but he does miss his Brainerd friends. He plans to come up soon and get together with Jeff Olson and his friends from Sertoma. Does anyone remember his “Smooth Dog” nickname. He is pictured with “Harold the Hermit” who was a long time volunteer at Confidence.


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