Sertoma stands for Service to Man and the Brainerd Area Sertoma Club is involved in many activities that raise funds for the community. Funds are generated through Pipe and Drape, Winter Wonderland, and the Flag Project. Pipe and Drape provides area civic organizations and local groups with a place to rent materials to construct booths for exhibitions. Group members donate their time for set-up and take-down and thus most of the money generated is profit. The Sertoma Winter Wonderland at the Northland Arboretum is a holiday light display tour and is the largest fund raising event of the club. Sertoma rents and maintains American flags which are displayed for all of the patriotic occasions in Brainerd.

After expenses, these funds are also part of the general fund. Money generated from both of these sources is either used for local activities or forwarded to the Sertoma Foundation. We are a %100 club which means that we contribute $20 for each member of our club. Many of the members have contributed $100 on an individual basis to become Foundation Fellows. Fellowship money is returned to locals in the form of matching community service grants. For instance, five area clubs joined forces in 2000 to apply for and receive a funding grant for Camp Sertoma. Endowment fund money is also a fund raising activity. Brainerd Area Sertomans have contributed to various endowment funds started in other clubs and this year spearheaded the drive to fund Camp Sertoma with the Jon Haappajoki Memorial Fund.

Pipe and Drape Rentals
Flag Committee
Winter Wonderland