Sertoma contributes to many local activities. Sometimes the contributions are in the form of funds; sometimes the donations involve volunteer time. The following list contains a few of the recipients who have benefited over the last few years. Some of these donations and activities are annual and some are one-time.

Brainerd Area United Way Heritage Essay Contest 
Community Action Junior Achievement
Girl Scouts  Fishing has No Boundaries
Sertoma Cares American Red Cross
American Cancer Society Ditch Pick Sertoma 
Brainerd ASL Club Crisis Line
 Grad Blast Kinship Partners
Festival of Trees  ISD 181 Amplification Devices
Salvation Army  Heartwalk
Sertoma Foundation Mariucci Fiesta at Camp Confidence
Toys for Kids Vision and Hearing Screenings at Local Schools
Camp Sertoma  Brainerd Splash Pad 

The major focus of Sertoma is on speech and hearing but as Jerry Losey, International President stated in a 1999 visit to Brainerd, Sertoma is turning toward general community service.

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According to the Sertoma Code of Ethics adopted in 1924, “The Sertoma Club exists for the high and noble purpose of benefiting mankind at large. . . It is the hope that Sertoma Clubs will be an unbreakable power for good, advancement, helpfulness and strength in every community.”