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SERTOMA. It’s an odd looking word …until you understand that it’s actually a contraction of three very important words. SERvice TO MAnkind. Our Brainerd Area SERTOMA Club Roster has a good representation of the Brainerd Lakes Area. Educators, bankers, insurance executives, retailers, technical specialists, engineers, small business owners, men and women. Some 160 strong. They come to network. They come to enjoy good company. They come to serve. Some organizations are big on pins and bright colored vests. Sertoma is big on service, on getting important things done, and on having fun through the whole process. If you’re a giver and a doer and enjoy the company of bright people doing significant work, then you need to learn more about Sertoma.

Welcome! We can only hope our web site will do honor to the members who comprise this important service organization. It’s the next best thing to a visit during one of our Wednesday noon meetings. Search the site to get a feel for what Sertoma is and what it is accomplishing. Then come see us!

FLASHBACK! To 2008 when the Brainerd Sertoma Club hosted the 2008 Sertoma Great Plains Regional Convention. Now coming back to Brainerd again – stay tuned.

Sertomans of the Year Complete List



Sertoma Salutes The Flag Video!
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