Sertoma receives many requests for funding from charitable organizations and individuals who either make a presentation at a meeting or submit a written request. Some examples include United Way, Camp Confidence, Relay for Life, Deaf Awareness Days, the Children’s Museum, YMCA., Phonic Ears for the Brainerd Public School, MADD, Crisis Line & Referral Service, Fourth of July Celebration, Shoes for Haiti, Salvation Army and many many more. The Sponsorship Committee helps decide where the money that is raised through Pipe and Drape, the Flag Project, Gossamer Ceiling, and Winter Wonderland will be granted.

The focus of the grants and donations is on groups involved with vision, hearing, and youth. Written requests are sent to the committee and are evaluated by the criteria established by the club. The committee has the approval of the board to grant requests up to $500.00 per month. Requests over this amount are brought to the board of directors for a vote.

A diverse group of people is sought each year for this committee to prevent too much focus in just one area. The in-coming president selects the chair and that person works with other members to facilitate disbursing funds. Many members continue to help this committee year after year and it is a rewarding task. The budget differs yearly depending upon the amount of money earned by fund raising endeavors. The committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month. Sponsorship chairman this year is Rachel Carpenter. If you have a request or questions about sponsorship, contact Rachel at Sponsorship Committee Guidelines for Applicants:
All request must be presented to the Sponsorship Committee for action or recommendation to the Board. Evaluations are based upon the following:

Factors that encourage a contribution:
1. Speech and/or hearing related requests.
2. Addresses an unmet need in the area.
3. National Heritage.
4. Number of people directly served.
5. Cost effectiveness.
6. The support of something tangible (i.e. equipment).
7. The direct involvement of a Sertoma member in the request.

Factors that discourage a contribution:
1. Request on behalf of single individuals not related to speech and hearing.
2. Requests for endowment funds.
3. Projects funded prior to the request.
4. Requests in which funds raised exceed actual expenses.
5. Requests that primarily support administrative salaries/expenses or facility operation costs.
6. Request that are unclear in any aspect of application.
7. Requests primarily funded by government agencies or other charitable organizations.

Donation Request Form PDF

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