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October 18, 2017

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 Chef Mike Scofield, who bills himself as a personal chef and is our new Connie, was our speaker today. He is originally from Wisconsin and spent 30 years at Madden’s as a banquet chef. It has been his dream to run a catering business. He did an interim stint with providing food for a hockey camp. He is married to a local girl and has five children. Mike is excited about his new business and very willing to work with everyone in Sertoma. He had a pretty good oops at a friend’s house for his most embarrassing moment.

Board Report
The meeting was called to order at 7:46 on Oct 17, 2017, at The Brainerd Area Chamber by Karen Munsterteiger

President’s Report – Karen stated the club is doing well. As part of membership growth efforts a contest will be conducted in November to promote new member invitations.

Add: Christopher Pautzke
Drop: Laura Dilley, Mike Angland, Tad Hoskins

Nick Thielen will be scheduling a new member orientation soon for the two new members.

The Sponsorship meeting was held on October 10.

The Sponsorship Committee is looking for direction regarding individual hearing aid/cochlear implant requests. A current request is for $3,000 for hearing aids, which is half of the annual sponsorship budget. This committee also has a $500 maximum per request without board approval.

The request for funds was denied and the Sponsorship Committee will be directed to send a list of resources to the person requesting the funds.

A subcommittee will be created to set criteria/protocol for sponsorship requests and the Sertoma Cares funds of $3,000.

We will be scheduling program dates for specific committees of our club to raise awareness/importance of each club activity and the impact they have on our club.

The Sales and Use Tax has been paid/filed.Chuck will be contacting CLA regarding the Form 990 which is due shortly.Chuck will be checking into payment of the Sertoma Annual Fund contribution from our club.

Winter Wonderland
Dwan reported that sales contracts are at $19,550 so far. Lots of work being scheduled with more info on the details to come.

Pipe and Drape
There are no new events scheduled. A date needs to be scheduled to clean up the storage unit. See announcements for details.

There are some flags are at the BN Center that are not in trailers, so they are not covered. There needs to be an “overflow” space for the flags that are not needed on the routes.

Discussion was held regarding WWL committee and Flags committee getting together to organize the space.

Ditch Pick was a success and fun for all. Thank you to all who participated.

Nick has scheduled a Social/Happy Hour at Roundhouse for November 30. The event is self-pay and may be a great way to recruit members from the public for our club.

There was an issue with the projector last week. Ken will be checking to see what the issue is.

Marketing/Publicity and Awards – no news to report

Hearing Health – Veronica reported that screening dates have been set and that Nikki is doing a great job.

Old Business
Regional Convention Update

Chuck discussed the proposed increase in dues being made by International that was brought up in Sioux City. They are proposing a 20% increase to individual dues and a 100% increase in Club dues. A vote will be done in April that will be in an online format. Chuck feels the club needs to be proactive if we want to be heard.

Discussion/feedback was given regarding the training offered.

Regional Convention Committee will be meeting soon. Feedback from convention attendees will be beneficial to make sure our Be Seen in 18 Convention is one of the best.

Bonnie Cumberland Memorial Fund – Karen, Jaime and John Raboin met last Friday and it appears we are at an impasse with the BPSF. The Board discussed and a motion was made to have the Bonnie Cumberland Committee meet to discuss where the Board should now direct the funds.

New Business
Karen indicated that there is now one vacancy on the Board and two vacancies on the Sponsorship Committee.

Storage Unit Cleanup at Lake Region Storage on Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017 from 4:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.. Anyone who wishes to help Chuck Cogger with this task can simply show up. Some members with historical knowledge of the items would help!! Thanks.

Women of Today are selling Butter Braids–see Beth Burnard. From last year’s sale they were able to donate $1,00.00 back into the Brainerd Lakes Area community. Your purchase of Butter Braids makes these local donations possible, so your support is greatly appreciated! See business notes. And who doesn’t enjoy a delicious, warm-from-the-oven Butter Braid?? Perfect for your holiday company, or a special treat for yourself! So easy, so elegant, SO DELICIOUS!

November 30th Round House Brewery social event– Nick Thielen is working on a get together that will involve a cash bar, socializing and appetizers.

Curling Event–you are invited to the opener event including refreshments and lessons on Saturday. Community Curling Night set for Saturday, Oct. 21st. The community is welcome to the Brainerd Lakes Curling Club to learn about this amazing sport and try your hand at curling. The free event is from 6-9 p.m. More details on their website.

Saving Hearts Crisis Line Fund Raiser Saturday October 28th 5K and 1 Miler Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention starting at 9 a.m. with registration, event at 10 Cuyuna Range Elementary School in Crosby MN. See flyer for details.

Haunted Trail is scheduled for Oct 20, and 21 . Vicki needs volunteers for parking and apple cider. See flyer for details.

VISION AND HEARING SCREENING SCHEDULE: See your email to sign up online!!

Tuesday October 24th
BHS South Campus ninth grade 8 a.m.-3 p.m. two shifts needed with 10 needed for each shift,

Wednesday October 25th and Thursday the 26th
Pillager Schools 8:00 a.m.-3 p.m.

Wednesday November 1st
7th Grade at Forest View 8:00 a.m.-3 p.m.

Thursday November 2nd
5th Grade Forest View 8:00 a.m.-3 p.m.

Just a note–the officer team invites everyone but especially the new members to attend a Board Meeting.(Required for your GEM Award) The Board Meeting is the third Tuesday of the month at the Chamber of Commerce – Riverwood Bank Board room. (by Ace Hardware)

Upcoming Events


Brainerd Area
Sertoma Club Calendar
Got a big event coming up—want to let everyone know?Please send to Pam Sachs and it will be posted.
Pipe and Drape Schedule
Pipe and Drape Schedule
Ted Anderson 218-831-1372 or
Scott Fisher 218-821-5557
Dwan Eckstrom 218-639-0154
New  P &D Schedule
Ceiling Dates
Blue Ticket Winner
Kathy Williams
Pot-O-Gold Winner
Would have been Carol Winegar
Members – 43Guests – 2
Guests:  Bob Hannahs , the barbecue guy from Big Bob’s Barbecue and Dale Bolt’s guest
* Everyone is encouraged to bring potential members to a Sertoma meeting with the Club picking up the cost. However, you will be billed $11.00 for any other guests.
Greeter Schedule
As greeter you have several duties. You need to arrive about 10 minutes early. It is your job to greet people, help them find their badges and sell them a ticket if they wish to participate. The money collected must be divided by the Greeters equally–half goes to the Current Club Treasurer for the social committee and
half goes to the Club President along with the bucket of tickets. Greeter duties now include handing out the volunteer cards to
everyone as they come in the door. They will still be collected in the bucket with the badges or can be submitted to the treasurer. Be there by 11:45 and call somebody to substitute for you if you can’t be there.
Oct 25 Carol Winegar, Ted Anderson, Mike Angland

Nov 1 Mark Baloun, Carolyn Bare, Bryan Barrer
Nov 8 DeAnn Barry, Chuck Bartels, Art Becker
Nov 15 JD Berns, Rick Besmehn, Mark Bichler
Nov. 22 Mike Boen, Dale Bolt, Serena Bowman
Nov 29 Jarrod Brademan, Chuck Brenny, Joe Brenny

Sertoman of the Day
Of Note
 WELCOME new member Chris Pautkze from Dondelingers

This is the link to the official Facebook page for the club. It will now be an interactive way for members to share pictures and comment on club activities. As with Walters Wacky Adventures Page–you can visit it without being a member of Facebook. Creating a Facebook account is easy and free. You can limit access to your page and just communicate with those people who are really your friends. Signing up is simple and by creating your “own” page you give yourself interactive abilities on the Brainerd Area Sertoma site. You can completely ignore your personal page if you wish. However, the profile and information pages may become THE way for us to update your data base information in the future. I am also totally available for phone consultations for people who want me to walk them through the Facebook site
Ditch Pick Photo AlbumRookie Party Photo Album
Business Notes


Rumor Corner

  • Dog Pound Pick-up Line…
    A rather elderly gentleman (mid-eighties) walks into an upscale cocktail lounge. He is very well-dressed, smelling slightly of an expensive after-shave, hair well-groomed, great-looking suit, flower in his lapel. He presents a suave, well-looked-after image.Seated at the bar is an older fine-looking lady (mid-seventies).The gentleman walks over, sits along-side of her, orders a drink, takes a sip, turns to her and says,”So tell me, good looking, do I come here often?” Pick an appropriate dog pound guy that came to mind!
  • We continue to love our sunshine–beautiful trees this week also.
  • The newsletter editor sits here staring at a classy looking warrior glass that she brought back because somebody (unmentioned) was answering all the questions and forgot HER prize. Alas not here today!
  • The Sheriff’s story today was a dam one–as far as I can tell some idiot lost a valuable gun near a dam and expected them to close it off so he could find it. Not the famous Gull Dam of course, you can’t even get there from here anymore. Not that the River Road isn’t beautiful but soooooo much longer to get to CAMP!!
  • Dale Bolt had to bring his guest to the well behaved table today. We certainly could use Bob the Barbecue guy in the club!!
  • Diane’s #4 lesson for growing older: “The health nuts are going feel silly lying in the hospital dying of nothing”.
  • Vicki F and John R started rumors together about a romantic walk after Sertoma. Something is up at the Arb!!
  • Chuck B was a guest sergeant and collected dollars for non ditch pickers.
  • Scotty the candy thief got caught and paid.
  • Todd finked on the DNR guys and JF got him and them.
  • Deer on the road fine for Lowell, Chuck Dale !!
  • Nikki is doing such a good job Chuck had to pay for her excellence in Vision and Hearing Screening.
  • Amber needs financial advice from Bob or else he will continue to pay .
  • JF had another mass fine just because he needed to collect big bucks to maintain his reputation. Then he decided to let people off and then someone poked and prodded him into fining them anyways.
  • Jill N got a thorn between two roses fine Bob E paid. It was confusing about who was confused.
  • Not behaving during prayers got Raboin $2 worth of fines.
  • Kathy was collecting fines and may have tried to help JK out a little too much!!
  • Rumor was confirmed–our new social director is non other than . . . . . . . drumroll Amber B!!!
  • November Contest–bringing the most guests AS POTENTIAL MEMBERS will take place during and earn the winner a year’s absence from fines.
    Karla N will get even for that “quiet” fine-look for more of the famous Nelson groaners at introduction time.
  • Congratulations to Grandpa Bryan B. Carson Ray came into this world last week!!
  • We cherish our limited time with our snowbirds–they will be heading out soon and we will miss them.
International News


Notes from your President Karen Munsterteiger
Our president is sharing wisdom each week to encourage our members to be positive ambassadors for our great club.


Sertoma North Minnesota District

Roster Updates/Change of Information
Send any changes of business, address, phone or email. The
roster will be updated and published at the beginning of each

Club Roster

Teresa Hettver

Program/Sertoman of the Month
Contact Reed or Lowell if you would like to participate and share your
personal and business details with the Club. Added bonus-you
cannot be fined on “your” day. Program ideas are always welcome
Reed Campbell

Lowell Carlson
Pipe and Drape
Contact Ted with Pipe and Drape information
or questions.

Ted Anderson 218-831-1372 or
Scott Fisher 218-821-5557
Dwan Eckstrom 218-639-0154

If you are not receiving the newsletter notification or the
emails announcing special events, please contact Pam Sachs
either at 218-821-1130 or